White Pine

Cold and crisp morning! a beautiful day at White Pine Touring Nordic Center. Blue sky, blue wax. Everything is groomed and ready. 3k, 5k, Armstrong, Dog Loop, Farm. It is beautiful out! cold hard track in the morning, warming mid-day. … Continued


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East Canyon highway groomed for skate to the top of Big Mountain pass. Ten at the gate and 14″ at the top made for a challenging groom, with several stucks and equipment issues. At least the soft snow will make … Continued


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Apologies for the delayed grooming report today, but it took a while to tame the beast at the Spruces today. Arrived to 10+” of fresh Wasatch white gold this morning at 0600. Sled packed entire system, upper and lower loops, … Continued

Mountain Dell

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Sun is out, wind is calm. 5-6″ fell overnight. All loops groomed for skate and classic except lower loop. Conditions will remain soft throughout the day but will firm up as more skiers pass. Use caution walking across the parking … Continued


Groomed Upper, Lower, and Pavilion Loops this morning. Set classic track on Upper and Lower loops. Little bit of snow last night. Really beautiful conditions this morning, sun came out around 11:00. More snow coming tonight. Get out and ski! … Continued

White Pine

Beautiful warm morning. Plenty of new snow yesterday maybe more this afternoon. 3k, 5k and Armstrong groomed and track set. Farm should be ready mid morning. Dog loop is open now that the water has been diverted. Thank you Park … Continued