White Pine

6+ inches of dry cold snow on top of the heavy rain yesterday. 3k is groomed and track set. Farm will be done mid morning. We may roll the 5k. grooming conditions are very difficult with dry over very wet so be a little patient. The 5k would make a great ski tour today with all the fresh snow! Come and enjoy! Just make sure you wax! if your unwaxed ski gets wet and touches the dry powder you’re in for a walk. Trail passes are discounted today. It is absolutely beautiful so get out there! please purchase and display your pass and try to remind walkers that they need to go to round valley or elsewhere. If you’re done for the year, remember to drop off your skis for summer storage wax!

Stay safe and enjoy the day!


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Arrived at the Spruces at 5:30 this evening to 6-7″ of new snow from the day’s storm. Sled packed and rolled corduroy on the entire system. The new snow definitely breathed some new life into the track and if not too much snow falls overnight, the track should set up well and provide a really good skate surface for Sunday skiers. Too soft to reset classic, but volunteer Sunday crew may try to refresh skate and set classic at some point during the day. As Matt noted in the March 19 report, thin spots do exist, notably on portions of the Lower Loops where the majestic trees have been shedding their winter coats with the warmer spring like days. Come up and enjoy some late season sliding on your national forest lands. Cheers! -Dan and Todd.

White Pine

Well…. raining in PC this morning. changing to snow mid day if all goes well. no grooming on the farm today and if everyone stays off of it we should have pretty good track tomorrow. 3k was groomed and new track set so by afternoon if/when the snow starts it should be pretty good. Trail passes are discounted for the rest of the season. 5k will remain closed for the season. Dog loop has ice, standing and running water. use at your own risk. we have marked it closed on our trail report. We’ll keep you updated daily or more often if necessary. let’s get some colder air in!

Stay safe everyone


Well, we groomed the trails today, but they were awfully hard and icy. They’ll soften up as the day goes on, but the track isn’t very smooth. Watch out for icy bumps, especially around the Upper Loop. New snow tomorrow should help even things out. There are thin spots, and some pavement showing on the Lower Loop, so we don’t have too much time left! Hopefully new snow this weekend and next week will help us extend the season. Have fun!

Deer Hollow Winter Recreation Area

Updated Thurs, 3/18/21
Deer Hollow had rec’d 3 to 5 in. of heavy, dense snow over the previous 3 days.
Today, DH was groomed with the big State SnoCat Groomer. Corduroy was laid and classic track was set on all of the XC trails, including the meadow loop, about 20 Km total.
The snowshoe trails and the new “Easy Street” trail were groomed with the snowmobiles, roller & small YTS groomer.
Off trail or “backcountry” conditions are great with about 3 to 3.5 ft. of settled snow.

White Pine

Another very warm Spring day. The 5k is closed and done. The only way that will change is if we get a huge storm this weekend and it stays cool. so…..

The 3k, Armstrong and the Farm are holding up okay. Skiing has actually been pretty darn good given the conditions. the trails have been holding well until about 2. Warm this morning so red wax moving to yellow. Bring your skis in and we’ll structure them for five bucks while you wait. You may want to think about bringing in your skis for storage wax it you’re starting to wind down. Beat the rush! We’re hoping to make it until the end of the month, but most of that is out of our control.

there are three more skate skis on the wall. all weighted ~100 pounds. If there is someone in your life that needs a great pair of Rossi premiums at a great price, you know where to find us.

Thank you season pass holders and trail pass purchasers for your ongoing support. We couldn’t do it without you!

Stay safe and healthy!

White Pine

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Another day of extreme Spring! Icy this morning, great crust cruising until maybe 10:30 am if the track doesn’t make you smile early. Sweet spot on the trails will be 11 wish until about 2:30 or so. Warm wax and structure once the sun starts to soften things up. The 5k has a few detours and many thin spots so ski with caution and keep your head up. Maybe another day on it? 3k has some thin spots and some also on the Farm in the usual areas. Have fun and ski attentively. Our days may be numbered if the cooler air doesn’t get here soon. We’ll try to stay open as long as we can provide a good ski experience for you.

Thank you season pass holders for your support and to everyone who proudly purchases and displays their trail pass! This stuff doesn’t come cheap and we truly appreciate your support.

Remind the dog walkers, walkers and visitors that the grooming they are walking on is what you are paying to ski on… Excellent hiking and dog walking on the Basin Trails and Round Valley!

White Pine

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a lap in on the 5k today. might not be possible tomorrow. Spring conditions, super icy this morning, but super slush by the end of the day. The construction, the sun, dog walkers and the trail walkers have pretty much dealt the 5k a final blow. The 3k and Farm are still in play. Please purchase and display your pass!

Stay safe and behave yourselves!


Groomed the Upper, Lower, and Pavilion Loops today. About 1/2 inch of new snow was great! Sadly, we are losing snow up here, and now there are thin spots on the north side of the track almost everywhere. No classic set today as that side of the track is thin. Be careful! However, lots of great skiing up here still, plenty of snow on most of the loops. If you have been enjoying the skiing this year, feel free to send me an email at matthew.hales@usda.gov. I’m also looking for some volunteer help to cut some new ski trail at Spruces this summer. Thanks!

Jeremy Ranch

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Due to the lack of snow and high temperatures we have decided to close the Nordic Trails for the season. It has been a fantastic season for us and we truly appreciate all the continued support. We are having our Nordic Golf Shop Sale starting on the 20th. (40% OFF all nordic items, Golf Apparel, Shoes, Hats and Bags.) Come in and do some shopping!! Thank you everyone who supported JR Nordic this season, it was a blast and we can’t wait for next season!