To keep kids active and offer families a summer camp option, TUNA has created summer mountain bike camps this year.  The focus of these camps is recreational.  Camps are going to be weeklong morning camps.   Each day we will meet at different trailheads throughout the Salt Lake Valley and Park City.  We are going to focus on having fun with friends and perhaps picking up a few skills along the way.  TUNA is able to offer transportation for the first 9 kids to request it (there will be a fee associated with transportation).  

Ages8 – 13 (exceptions can be made case by case but our focus is to have kids who can all ride in similar abilities so everyone stays engaged)
Years in Sport1+ (Minimum skill: participating children should be able to ride a bike on flat dirt trails)
Training focusPlay-based outdoor recreation
EquipmentA mountain bike in good repair with at least 20” wheels.  A helmet, a well fit backpack with a spare tube (the appropriate size for the bike they are riding)
Complementary SportsAnything that keeps you active

Program Dates/Times

This is a morning, half-day program:

June 14-18
June 21-25
July 12-16
July 19-23 
Aug 2-6
Aug 9-13


Registration will open on March 8th at 7:00 AM.  There will be 2 age groups 8-10 and 11-13.  You will be able to sign up for transportation at this time.

Registration for camps and transportation are here.

TUNA Membership

You must be a TUNA Member to register for this program. If you are already a 2020/2021 member, you will be able to sign up for Mountain Bike camp as soon as it is open.

If you are not, we are offering pro-rated memberships for summer. This must be done in a separate transaction, and can be done immediately. We suggest setting this up before the open date of the Summer Kids registration opening day to assure smooth registration:

To complete your pro-rated membership, go here.

More Information

You must be a member of TUNA to register for TUNA programs (it’s how our insurance works). A family membership covers as many camps for as many children as you would like to sign up. It also covers all winter programs, both adult and junior.  Memberships expire on June 30th each year.  This year, if you purchase a membership to sign up for summer camps we will offer you a prorated price for a family membership. 

This is the first year we will be offering Mountain Bike camps.  We are planning for different eventualities but it is a dynamic year and hard to tell what the summer will bring.  We are committed to providing a safe, fun, educational week.  We are keeping the numbers small this year as we learn.  If you are unable to find a spot this year we hope you will check in again next year.  

COVID precautions:  For those of you who participated in our winter programs you know that we are very serious about keeping our participants and community safe.  With this in mind all coaches and participants will be required to wear a mask when within 6 feet of another person.  We will also screen participants for COVID symptoms, contacts and tests.

Transportation Details

Transportation will be provided in a TUNA team van,  departing from a central location (most likely the Walmart parking lot on Parleys Way).  We will leave at 8:30 each morning and return at 12:30.  Everyone in the van will wear a mask, hand sanitize upon entering/exiting the van and the interior will be wiped down daily.


The camps will cost $170/week.  If you would like TUNA to provide transportation to the  trailhead from a central location there will be a $30/week/participant charge


For more details, contact Kyler Rendle at